Drew at 1

Drew is one. I can’t comprehend how fast this year went. It really flew by. He started the year at 4lbs 4oz and ended the year at 19lbs. He’s rocking the 20th/25th percentile for both height and weight. Starting out at 3 and ending up somewhere in the 20th is something to be grateful for!

At 1, Drew is standing on his own, but not taking steps forward yet. He wants to, but he’s not quite there yet. I’m afraid of he day he starts walking.:)He’s going to have way too much fun with it. He’s a pro crawler and is super fast.

He loves to take a bath. When we are running the water he will stand at the edge and squeal. He gets mad when we take him out.

He loves the jumperoo. He can seriously jump in that thing for awhile and get some real air when he gets excited.

He will play by himself with toys and balls and buckets for 20-30 minutes at a time. It’s pretty impressive. He’s a content little kid most of the time (but when he gets mad…he gets MAD).

He says “uh-oh”. That’s his main word. He says it right before he drops something, when we drop something, right after he drops something. Uh-oh is his word. He will say mama and dada but he doesn’t seem to know (or admit to know) that it’s us…he’s just making the sounds. He waved hi and bye for awhile and then stopped. He also blew kisses for awhile and then stopped. I attribute his lack of language to his stubbornness at this point. He is always right on the bubble for having the developmental program evaluate him, and he always seems to do everything right at once right when I’m about to schedule the appointment.

At his 9 month well visit, I was worried about his physical/motor development. At his 12 month, I’m focused more on his cognitive/verbal/social development…but regardless, it’s not too much to be worried about yet. He really seems to be about 4-6 weeks behind the textbook milestones which puts him right at when he should have been born.

He went the entire year without getting sick — except for a stomach bug where he threw up once and was fine after that.

I only work in the morning.

Gav took a nap today. He couldn’t fall asleep at night and kept coming into my office. He asked me what I was doing. I told him I work at night so I can stay home with him during the day and not go to work like daddy. A little while later (still awake and not asleep) he comes out, and I told him that if he’s going to stay up late then he needs to clean up all the toys in the living room. He replies, “Mommy, I don’t work at night. I only work in the morning time.”




You’ve got your hands full.

I think I’m the only stay at home mother of two children who loves this comment.

Because I FEEL like I have my hands full. And it’s nice to know that someone else recognizes that it’s not easy to be a mom and go grocery shopping…in the rain…in December…in winter coats.

And probably because every time I’ve gotten it it came from someone who more than likely had worn my shoes in their past life.

Today that compliment got me through the grocery store. With my screaming three year old who wanted his “prize”.

This year Christmas really feels like Christmas, but I’m struggling with how exactly you instill the true spirit of Christmas into a self indulgent three year old. Regardless, it will be fun and exciting, and I’m so happy we have holidays to decorate for, celebrate, enjoy.






Drew does not say many real words yet. He jabbers and talks to you and repeats sounds. He doesn’t say “ma ma” or “da da” for us, but he can make the sounds. I think he knows quite a few words though…

Over Thanksgiving he started saying “uh-oh”. I had been saying it whenever he dropped things. He “got it” over the holiday. Now he will say “uh-oh” right before he throws his food off of his tray and always whenever he hears a loud noise or sees something dropped.

I probably want to be a police man.

I’m so glad kids are so forgiving…and forgetful. I have a lot to learn from the G. He’s been having problems with taking toys away from Drew (his toys especially, but even Drew’s toys). So today, I started taking one of his toys away each time he took a toy away from Drew. He was pretty ticked at me. He felt the injustice of how mean it was for me to take a toy away when I was telling him not to do that. He cried and cried. When we got in the car for preschool, we started talking about something else. He then said, “I love you mom.” He’s completely forgotten about the frustrations of the morning…meanwhile I was still fuming about it in the front seat.:)

He also said on the way to preschool (after talking about traffic lights and stop signs and how they keep us safe), “I probably want to be a policeman when I grow up mom. And superman too. And a dad. I will need to wear a policeman shirt, a policeman pants, policeman boots…under my rain coat. I’ll need you to get me a rain coat too.”

Three might me an infuriating age, but it might also be my favorite.