Choosing one might be harder than I thought. I had a difficult decision, but this one won out. He was hiding under my blankets. Man, I love this kid. He’s getting so big, so fast.


I started a “slice of life” project for this year. Instead of a monthly photo of my boys, I’m doing a weekly one — this time of just normal things I want to remember. Now when I have those moments of “oh this would make a beautiful photo” or “this is something I want to remember”, I have my camera ready and take the shot. I can’t do a 365 and be obsessive about my camera, but I can try this. So, here’s to week 1…

This kid resists his bath every time it’s bath time. And then he resists getting out…to the point of crazy wrinkles hands and cold bathwater. He does love his baths.

That music makes me want to shake my booty.

I had Disney radio on Pandora for Gav. He told me, “Mom, this music makes me want to go outside. Change it.” I put a Jack Johnson station on and a Coldplay song came up. “This music makes me want to shake my booty.” I’m glad he prefers non-kid music…for now.

G has some undies that are too big for him. B puts them on him from time to time when he gets him dressed. His superhero ones are the only ones that fit right. I told Gav today to tell dad to only put the super hero ones on him. The white ones won’t fit until he’s 4. He replied, “yeah. I’ll have a really big butt then!”

I spilled part of Gav’s slushie on my pants. He consoled me by saying, “It’s ok. I can just lick it off.”

It’s paint mom.

We went shopping at Meijer today. We were parked next to the cart return and a drain. When we got into the car after our trip, Gav asked me why there was so much garbage on the ground. I told him that some people aren’t very nice and they throw their garbage on the ground and not in the garbage can. He said he didn’t like the bad guys who do that. We got into the car and drove towards home. About halfway home he says:

G: “Mom can you take me back to Meijer and leave me there by myself for a little bit?”

Me: “No bud. You can’t go to Meijer by yourself.”

G: “But just for a little bit mom.”

Me: “Why do you want to go back to Meijer?” (thinking about how we skipped the toy aisle today and he was mad about it)

G: “I need to teach the bad guys to put the garbage in a garbage can. After I’m done, you can come back and get me.”

Gav got new paints for Christmas. He used them today, and drew a very pretty picture. I thought it kind of looked like a duck or something. I asked him what it was, and he said, “It’s paint mom.”


New Years Eve

I’m sitting here rocking Drew and he’s passed out. We spent the last couple of hours with some friends and had a great, relaxing time. Their kids are all older, and I spent most of my time juggling Drew. He’s been a little disgruntled today. It wasn’t bad, but I knew there was no way we were going to make it to midnight. He found their stairs and was climbing up them and entertaining himself. One of our friends came up to me and said, “It gets easier.” It does. Thank Goodness. But I’m gonna miss this year.

As I’m rocking Drew, I’m listening to B sing the “mocking bird” song to Gavin (our very lyrically incorrect version) as he tries to fall asleep. We are not singers in this family. We sound terrible. But the other night, Gav was stressed out and crying, and I sang him to sleep. Ever since, he’s been requesting a song at night. He loves silly songs. He loves when someone snuggles him to sleep. I’m going to miss this.

I found this photo from last New Years Eve. If there’s one thing I know from this past year, it does get easier.


This year was a blur. I was a box of emotions last New Years. Overwhelmed. Grateful we could celebrate it at home. Scared we’d have to go back. Terrified of germs. Desperate for Drew to finish each and every drop of milk. Crazed by the formula measuring and mixing.

This year is different. I look at my healthy, happy boy and I almost can’t believe how uneventful the year was. Is it really over? Are we really here? Did we really survive it?

We did. Humbled. Grateful. Happy.