We had so much fun today. We spent our day running around doing fun things with the kids, and I even fit in a workout. 

We started the day off with the local firemans breakfast. Followed by the Home Depot kids workshop. Gav loved it. They give you an apron and he wore it off and on all day. You do a little project with nails and paint and wood glue. It was a hit. We will hopefully be repeat visitors. 

We came home for lunch and a nap after that and then went to an Easter Egg “hunt” put on by a local church. They have all the eggs laid out in a field and then “blow a whistle” and the kids go for it. It reminded me a bit of the hunger games cornucopia…there was another firetruck there AND we all rode the boilermaker special for the FIRST time. It’s amazing that neither Brandon or I rode it in college. 

After that, we came home and played and dyed Easter eggs. We were letting Gav go to town and Drew started screaming and screaming until we let him put eggs in the dye too. Unfortunately, that was a little scary and messy, so we don’t have pictures of him doing it…it was so funny to see how he insisted on being a part of it. He had watched Gav and did exactly what he should. He is such a funny kid. He doesn’t quite communicate yet, but he is so smart it scares me…

When I was putting Gav to bed tonight he asked me what firemen eat. Lots of vegetables in case you were wondering. His new thing is that he wants to be Everything when he grows up. He told me tonight, “Mom, do you know why I want to be everything when I grow up? Because I want to help people. I want to be a fireman, and a police man and even superman.” He’s my thinker.

I love playing easter bunny too. I hid the eggs and set up a little scavenger hunt for Gav to find his basket and hid eggs all over. Hopefully tomorrow will be fun for him. 



Rain Rain

Rain rain come what may, as long as it’s above 30…I won’t complain.


My 80 Degree March

The year Gav was turning one, we had an eighty degree March. No such luck this year, but March has still been good. In February when the ten day forecast didn’t promise anything good, I was feeling stir crazy, and my kids were too. Especially the big one. Thankfully the past week or so has been more promising, and it looks like we might actually have a slow and steady spring…which I will take and be delightfully happy with.

S0, here goes to our update…

The G has gotten incredibly inquisitive lately and observant. He hears EVERYTHING and repeats things often. Even if you think he isn’t listening, he is. He’s taking it all in and deciphering it. He’s had some good one liners lately. I love toddler curiosity (I can still call him a toddler right?). (Probably not.).


“Mom, how do babies get in your belly?”

“Heavenly father puts them there.”

(hours later when trying to tell dad how babies get in bellies)

“Dad, do you know how babies get in bellies?”

“When a mommy and daddy want to have a baby they put a baby in the belly.”

“No dad, Jesus puts them there.”


B: “You have two choices.” (Holds up two fingers and states the choices.)

G: “Your thumb is up a little bit too, so it looks like I have three choices.”

Drew has developed such a fun, scrappy personality as well. Watching my kids grow up makes me wish I could look into a glass ball and see what they become in the world. Drew is hilariously funny to me. He’s so different from his big brother. Mischief comes easily to him, and he knows he’s in the middle of it. When he gets caught, the throws the item in the air and is obviously nervous of the consequence.


Yesterday, I was emptying the dishwasher. He is obsessed with discovering the treasures in the dishwasher. I saw him grab a dirty spoon, but pretended like I didn’t see it. The spoon (his lunch spoon) was keeping him from grabbing or getting in to anything else, so I let it go…shut the dishwasher and kept pretending like I didn’t see it. A few seconds later, he looks up at me with the biggest cheesiest grin and holds up the spoon. The little rascal. At least he still confesses to his mishaps.


He started walking sometime last month. All so quickly. A few steps here and there, and then he was off. Now he’s trying to run. He falls down quite a bit, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He gets right back up, and keeps going.


He LOVES being silly and loves to laugh. He loves to play right beside his big brother (who loves him back, but has mixed feelings about sharing toys). He’s spunky and sweet. In social settings, he’s pretty mellow and laid back. He pretends to be shy, but he really hates it when strangers don’t give him any attention.

My kids are so far crazy good in the car. We need to take more road trips. They are incredible. I drove to the children’s museum on Friday. Both kids stayed awake for the entire trip, and they both were content to “talk” to each other, look out their windows, and play with a few toys for just a little bit. I know this was a short trip and that their attitudes could change, but for now I’m enjoying the fact that car trips are relatively easy! We haven’t taken long ones in awhile though, so maybe we need to test them more.

Gavin and I have gotten back to sidewalk chalking. When you’ve been living in teen degree temps for so long, 40s and 50s seem like beautiful outdoor weather. I really enjoy this, and he’s actually helping me this spring. I am amazed at what preschool and probably his age have done for his abilities and interests. Drew has been enjoying sidewalk chalk too. Though, we usually do it when he naps. He hasn’t ventured into the road, but he sure does love traveling down the sidewalk.

Some random photos from a beautiful, sunny day in March:

Meet Drew

Meet Drew @ 15 months. Enjoys life. Long walks down the hallway. Mac & Cheese. Feeding HIMSELF ALL BY HIMSELF. Baths. Silliness. Not doing what he’s told. Observing everything and making plans of attack. Teething. Monster. Awesome.

Love this little scoundrel.