A Story About Germs

Gav is sick. He woke up coughing during the night and couldn’t sleep from a bout 3a to 5a. At 5 I decided to use his inhaler to see if he could get any relief. He hates it. It worked and/or wore him out enough that he fell asleep. When Brandon woke up in the morning he came out and Gavin said, “Dad, do you want to hear a story about my germs?” And he told Brandon this:

“Once there was a little germ that got into my mouth. I was coughing and coughing. Then my parents got a mask on my face. It kicked the germ out really, really, really fast. And I fell back sleep. The end.” (or something close to that, I wasn’t in a state of complete conciseness at the time). (Mask = inhaler). There was more in there, but that’s the gist of it. It was the funniest and cutest little story.

I love my crazy little sicky.

States I’ve Visited

This has been circulating around Facebook. I’m too embarrassed to post mine there.

Create Your Own Visited States Map


I’ve driven through a few more states, but decided not to count those…mostly because I can’t really remember them. Nebraska almost doesn’t count — we just stopped there on our way to Utah, but we saw Winter Quarters, so it counts because I actually have a memory there. Even Utah almost doesn’t count. I’ve only been to Vernal for Brandon’s sister’s wedding reception.

I shouldn’t even mention I’ve never been out of the country.

Ugh. I need a bigger budget, and I need to travel more. One day..until then…

“Home is where the heart is.” “Find joy in the journey.” And all of those other quotes that make me feel better about living a full life with what I’ve got.:)

Fall Photos

I have photos of Gavin in the outfit Drew is wearing in these photos. And, we’ve taken photos in the fall leaves almost every year, so we carried on the tradition.

Grandma Desi’s House

Jaden was baptized at the end of October, and we spent the weekend at Brandon’s parents house. They have a tree never stops dropping leavings, and Gavin enjoyed it — several times.

Two Boys in October

I took these a few days before Halloween. Gav was all set on being Superman all month long. He dressed up to a couple Halloween Events prior to the big day as Superman. He was playing in the costume one day, so I threw Drew in his, and took these photos. Drew was suppose to be Captain America, but I slacked on prepping the costume, so we used the monkey costume that Gavin wore when he was 6 months old…I’m pretty sure it was bigger on Drew than it was on Gav.:)These are some of my favorites.

Gav lifted up the pillow and said, “Superman is really strong can life really heavy things.” Then he followed that up with, “And after he lifts really heavy things, he needs a nap.”