These Two

These two are my world. They make my days fun and crazy. Becoming a parent is truly the best way to refine yourself as a human being. It’s one of the best ways to learn to be selfless (not that I am). I really am grateful I get to stay home with these two.

My Loves

I am occasionally a slacker about taking my own kids out with my expensive camera. I know I know – I still photograph them obsessively…

Anyway, Drew’s first time being photographed outdoors by me…9 months. Oops. Sorry kid. You are #2. I still love you. Obsessively.


Random Thoughts

There are mostly good days when it comes to stay at home motherhood. But there are definitely days like this, and I really hope all of that goes on in the background holds true. It would make those days a little more bearable.

I was given a new calling at church. So was B. His interfered with my previous. I was pretty bummed about being released. I will enjoy my new (simple) callings, but I am honestly a little sad about it.

My photo biz is a little slower this fall than years past. I’ve really enjoyed my life and freer weekends. It’s a beautiful blessing in the grand scheme of things. I’m also realizing that my photos are more cohesive and consistent which is so so nice! Maybe I’m finally hitting my “style” groove?

I’m still waking up four days a week and doing Insanity at the church. Drew is still waking up once a night to munch. I’m still drinking a Coke Zero every afternoon…