Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Drew was suppose to be Captain America, but it’s cold. And, I’m…lazy? have other things going on and decided sanity trumped. We pulled out the monkey costume that we squeezed Gavin into when he was 6 months old. Drew is 10 months. Love these little stinkers. Gav lifted the pillow and told me, “Super man is super strong and can lift heavy things. Followed by, and then super man needs to take a nap. And when we were done, “I’m ready to turn back into Gavin now.”


Happy Fall Ya’ll

I babysat my friends little kiddos the other day. Before I picked Gav up from preschool, we stopped in at the park next to it, and I threw a handful of leaves into my car. We came up with this. They are so stinkin cute.

Fixer Man

Gav has had some good one liners lately.

Our water heater was broken and we had a “fixer man” come and take care of it. When he walked into our utility room, Gav said (pretty loudly), “Mom, mustaches are not white. They are black!”

Let’s hope he had a good sense of humor.


I was trying to get Gav to go potty before bed. This kid can hold it for so long. I had him standing next to the potty and was pretty much shouting, “Just go!” He looked up at me and said, “Mom, I’m just a little bit nervous.”